The eviDent Foundation’s projects feature in the following publications:

Project 002 – A five-year retrospective assay of implant complications in private practice

Learn more about Project 002.

Project 003 – Molar incisor hypomineralisation
Project 004 – The PREVENT study: Reducing the X factor – understanding the relationship between general practice prescribing and xerostomia
Project 005 – Children’s dental program

Learn more about Project 005.

Project 006 – Diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of periodontal patients by general dentists
Project 008 – Investigation of the longevity of anterior resin bonded bridges
Project 011 - OHPs’ knowledge and beliefs about the potential causes of oral cancer
Project 015 – Say Ahhh: What do GPs, dentists and community pharmacists do about bad breath?
Project 016 – Body dysmorphic disorder: A practice-based study
Project 018 – Dental health and attitudes in young adults aged 15–25 years with diabetes mellitus
Project 022 – Impact of COVID-19 on dentistry in Australia
Project 023 – Impact of COVID-19 on dental service provision: analysis of the Australian Child Dental Benefits Schedule