010 – Children’s dental program: Expanded scope

  • Chief Investigator: Prof Mike Morgan
  • Associate Investigators: Dr Sajeev Koshy, Dr Samantha Lew and Dr Shibu Mathew
  • Research Collaborators: Susan McKinlay, Tan Nguyen
  • Support: Peninsula Health and Plenty Valley Community Health


The targeted school-based dental check program (project 005) found that a high proportion of children have never had a dental check-up, and 74% of referred children attended their follow-up dental appointments.


  • Monitor current child dental attendance patterns
  • Increase dental access for low-income families
  • Affirm the hypothesis school dental check-ups retains high-needs child patients
  • Assess the impact of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule in private dental practice
  • Conduct an economic evaluation of the Children’s Dental Program

Expected outcomes

The project is expected to inform policymakers of the potential benefits of school dental check-ups at a national level.