eviDent Foundation is Australia’s first – and currently only – Dental Practice-Based Research Network (DPBRN).

Our vision: Better oral health for all Australians

Our mission: Translating oral health research into better general health for all Australians

To achieve these objectives, eviDent®:

  • Supports dental practice-based research into dental and oral disease
  • Provides information about dental and oral disease, their prevention and control, to sufferers, health professionals and the public
  • Develops or provides relevant aids and equipment to sufferers of dental and oral disease
  • Conducts and promotes scientific research about how to detect, prevent or treat dental and oral disease
  • Trains health professionals to conduct scientific research about dental and oral disease
  • Evaluates health programs and processes to prevent or control dental and oral disease
  • Trains health professionals and carers in methods of controlling dental and oral disease
  • Develops and implements cooperative and cross-disciplinary approaches to the treatment and prevention of dental and oral disease

eviDent research leads directly to improved treatment outcomes for patients, and addresses the connection between oral and general health.

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