Board and staff

The eviDent Foundation is committed to facilitating dental practice-based research for better oral health. Our dedicated board, staff, honorary staff members and our committees all play integral parts in eviDent meeting its objective.

Our board

Dr Stephen Cottrell
Dr Stephen Cottrell

BDSc, MSD (Indiana), Dip ABPerio, FICD, FADI


Dr Anne Harrison
Dr Anne Harrison

BDSc (Hons), DCD (Melb), MRACDS (Endo), FPFA, FADI, FICD

Vice Chair

Dr Jeremy Sternson
Dr Jeremy Sternson



Mr Kenneth Harrison AM
Mr Kenneth Harrison AM

MBA, B.Bus, Dip Acc., FAICD

Dr Denise Bailey
Dr Denise Bailey

BDS (Manchester), MSc (Lond), Grad Cert Clinical Research (Melb)

Dr Nadia Dobromilsky
Dr Nadia Dobromilsky


Prof Stuart Dashper
Professor Stuart Dashper

BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr Jan Tennent


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Our staff

Meaghan Quinn
Meaghan Quinn

Honorary Chief Executive Officer/Secretary

Sophia Ljaskevic
Sophia Ljaskevic

Honorary Communications Manager

Tamara Mapper
Tamara Mapper

Honorary Communications and Events Coordinator

Jessica Oldfield
Jessica Oldfield

Honorary Communications Officer

Emma Hou
Emma Hou

Honorary Finance Manager

Our committees

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee advises the Board on finance and audit matters. Members of the committee are:

  • Dr Jeremy Sternson, Chair
  • Dr Felicity Wardlaw
  • Mr Tan Nguyen

Dental Practice Based Research Network (DPBRN) Committee

The eviDent DPBRN Committee encourages the conduct of evidence-based dental practice in Victoria by:

  • Supporting collaborative practice-based dental research that makes a difference to health outcomes and experiences of care in areas in which the network has expertise and experience;
  • Providing practices with the opportunity to engage in research, and access research expertise and other development opportunities;
  • Providing researchers with access to practitioners’ expertise and a practice base; and
  • Actively disseminating research network findings to network members and to relevant policy-makers.

 The DPBRN Committee members are:

  • Dr Tony Robertson, Co-Chair
  • Dr Rita Hardiman, Co-Chair
  • Dr Jeremy Sternson
  • Dr Jaafar Abduo
  • Dr Antonio Celentano
  • A/Prof Nicola Cirillo
  • Dr Jodie Heap
  • Dr Tracey Huntley
  • Clinical A/Prof Mark Evans
  • A/Prof Rachel Martin
  • Dr Sabine Selbach

Development Committee

The Development Committee works in conjunction with the Fundraising Manager to develop and implement eviDent’s fundraising strategy.

Members of the committee are:

  • Ken Harrison AM (Chair)
  • Dr Parul Marwaha (Deputy Chair)
  • Karen Escobar
  • Tara Lupus
  • Dr Rachelle Welti
  • Meaghan Quinn (ex-officio)