Partner with us

Partnering with the eviDent Foundation is an effective way to grow the brand of your organisation, while helping to improve the oral health of Australians.


  1. Brand impact: Aligning with the eviDent Foundation positively highlights the brand values of your practice to patients, stakeholders and employees.
  2. Profile and recognition: Build your practice’s profile and reputation through an association with the Australia’s only dental practice based research network.
  3. Motivate your staff: Demonstrate to your staff that you care about important health issues that affect the community. Show them that you’re taking the next step and doing something to make a difference.
  4. Invest in the health of Australians: Australia needs eviDent’s dental practiced based research to make important advances in dental and oral health care, and to contribute to general health and wellbeing. We want to move people from decay to hooray!
  5. Support a unique environment that fosters reflective practice: Getting behind eviDent means that you are facilitating a culture of reflective practice, which quickly translates research findings into day to day use, improving outcomes for both patients and dentists.
  6. Expand eviDent’s scope for more impactful research: eviDent is keen to develop even more areas of impactful research. With more funding, we can carry out more research, inevitably leading to more knowledge, better understanding and better outcomes for everyone.
  7. Build eviDent’s capacity for long-term growth and sustainability: eviDent is currently implementing a plan for long-term growth and sustainability to ensure it can keep driving forward its high-quality research. By investing in eviDent now, you are helping us to continue our work to secure the future health of Australians.
  8. Receive tax benefits: Companies can make a tax-deductible gift to eviDent in the same way individuals can.

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