002 – A five-year retrospective assay of implant complications in private practice

  • Chief Investigator A: A/Prof Roy Judge
  • Chief Investigator B: Dr Denise Bailey
  • Associate Investigators: Dr Peter Apostolopoulos, Dr Stephen Austin, Arun Chandu, Dr Mehrnoosh Dastaran, Dr Robert De Poi, Michael Lacy, Dr Angelos Sourial, Dr Jeremy Sternson, Dr Tim Stolz, Dr Jason Wang, Dr Simon Wylie, Dr Vivien Yeo
  • Research Assistants: Karen Escobar, Wendy Thomson
  • Support: Australian Society of Periodontology (Vic), Australian Prosthodontic Society (Vic), Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, Australasian Osseointegration Society (Vic)


With the implant experience in Victoria well developed, this eviDent project sought to gain information about the experiences of practitioners, which would drive a set of evidence-based guidelines for the management of implant patients.


  • Describe the demographics of patients receiving implant restorations
  • Describe the baseline medical and oral health conditions of patients receiving implant supported restorations
  • Describe the distribution of the different implant systems used
  • Document the time and type of implant restoration
  • Describe the placement/location of implant restorations by tooth position in the arch
  • Describe the type and timing of restorative and biological complications observed
  • Identify trend patterns that appear to contribute to these complications


The project found that most complications appeared within the first year. Patient demographics showed that practitioners are treating an older seminal population than often reported in clinical trials. Their patients have a complex medical history and are taking multiple medications. Provision of single units was far greater than larger more complex restorations and the understanding of implant care needs to reflect the proportion of prescription of these. The findings will allow the development of practitioner guidelines for treatment planning, case management and complication management.