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World Oral Health Day

Good oral health can help you live a longer, healthier life! Here are just a few ideas of how you can take action this #WorldOralHealthDay

  • Book an appointment with a Mouthguard March practice to help protect your smile and raise funds for vital health research;
  • Research continues to demonstrate that oral health is fundamental to overall health, well-being and quality of life. Help us to continue to translate oral health research into better general health for all Australians by joining Reach the Peak for Healthier Teeth or supporting one of our walkers with a tax deductible donation;
  • Take care of your teeth by limiting the consumption of sugar, having regular dental check-ups, drinking fluoridated water, brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and flossing daily;
  • Download one of our fact sheets about common oral health conditions;
  • Find out more about the eviDent Foundation and how, as a Director of the Board you can contribute to achieving the strategic goals of our Foundation;
  • Reflect on a research idea or concept that you would like to explore further and submit your project proposal and become involved in the research network which offers a new dimension to clinical dentistry that most practitioners have not been exposed to
  • Participate in one of our existing projects.