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Passing the baton

Dr Jeremy Sternson is stepping down as eviDent Chair and will take up the position as Treasurer. Dr Stephen Cottrell will take over as Chair, and is stepping down as Vice Chair and Treasurer. Dr Anne Harrison has been appointed Vice Chair.

Dr Stephen Cottrell said, “I would like to congratulate Dr Sternson and the Board on their energy and enthusiasm that led to the growth and maturity of eviDent. As incoming Chair, I have big shoes to fill.

"I would like to see eviDent’s profile grow and have a broader appeal to the community at large. As a research body, we need an identity that captures the attention of not only dentists but the public in general.

"I look forward to working with the Board to achieve this goal.”

Dr Jeremy Sternson became Chair of the eviDent Foundation in 2016.

“My time as Chair of the eviDent Foundation has been one of the most satisfying roles I have had to date. Working with such a driven Board and our passionate and enthusiastic staff have allowed the eviDent to achieve more than I thought imaginable. eviDent's reputation is strengthening daily and we are seeing some excellent peer-reviewed articles coming out from the many projects that eviDent has enabled," Dr Sternson said.

“I really enjoyed participating in the charity walks, which have helped raise around $90,000 so far. The dedication of the walkers who helped fundraise was humbling and I made some great friends through these walks.

“I will now take up position as Treasurer and I am excited by our future.”

Dr Anne Harrison said, "It is an honour to be made Vice Chair and I look forward to working closely with Dr Stephen Cottrell and other members of the eviDent Board. I am excited that Professor Stuart Dashper has joined us and the opportunity to benefit from his extensive research background. In the coming year, I will be focused on ensuring eviDent has longer-term revenue streams."