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Monitoring exposure risk to SARS-CoV-2 for dental practitioners

Dr Rachael Moses, Research Associate, Melbourne Dental School, is a Chief Investigator and recipient of the inaugural eviDent Evidence Booster Grant.

Her eviDent project will determine the risk to practitioners during these aerosol-generating procedures, to ensure their safety while performing these procedures. This assessment is performed using a bio-aerosol sampler device (BioSpot-GEMâ„¢) which is capable of extracting aerosols from the environment for subsequent gene expression analysis, through qPCR.

In addition to ensuring the safety of practitioners following aerosol-generating procedures, the eviDent project will ensure the safety of other patients. Since the emergence of SARSCoV-2 and the discovery that the virus can be spread through aerosols, there has been concern about the risk of performing aerosol-generating procedures within the dental setting.

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