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Get on board for Mouthguard March!

Join our 2023 Mouthguard March campaign to help reduce unnecessary hospitalisations due to dental trauma.

Get on board with Mouthguard March in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the online form to register your practice.
  2. Use the Mouthguard March marketing resources to promote your involvement.
  3. Make a contribution per mouthguard to the eviDent Foundation.

Five ways your practice will benefit

  1. Promotion of your practice's involvement via the ADA and eviDent Foundation websites and social media.
  2. Campaign images that you can share with your patients and wider community via your own marketing activities.
  3. Promotion of your involvement to the sporting clubs affiliated with the campaign.
  4. Posters and flyers for display in your practice, featuring the Mouthguard March sporting ambassadors.
  5. More custom fitted mouthguards means more business for your practice.

Register today!