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A HUGE thank you to our Mouthguard March partners

A HUGE thank you to our Mouthguard March partners, who helped raise valuable funds for our research projects by providing custom-fitted mouthguards to protect against serious injuries, such as a broken jaw, cut lips and tongues, and cracked, fractured or knocked-out teeth:

A company’s association with a cause is increasingly influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions:

  • 55% of men and 75% of women prefer to purchase from a brand that supports a charity
  • 76% of consumers are in favour of supporting health research
  • 24% of Australians have switched brands in the past year due to that brand’s support for a cause or charity
  • 55% of consumers will pay extra for products/ services from a company committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Be part of eviDent’s 2020 Mouthguard March and align your practice, products and services with this worthy campaign. Not only will you be protecting a smile, you also will be improving the oral health of Australians. Register your interest by emailing  or phone 03 8825 4603 to find out more.