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Mouthguard March is back in 2023!

It's not too late for your practice to be Fit to be Fearless.

Every year, thousands of people are treated for sports-related dental injuries that could have been prevented by wearing a properly fitted mouthguard. Many of these injuries result in visits to hospital emergency departments and require extensive dental treatment. People under 25 are most at risk and experience 71% of this type of injury.  Injuries to the mouth and jaw are occur often during sport, including a broken jaw, cuts to the mouth, chipped, broken and knocked out teeth. The cost of treating a dental injury is likely to be significantly higher than a custom-fitted mouthguard. Sport and leisure activities are the most common cause of dental injuries, including:

  • Cycling, skateboarding and scooter riding accidents, which account for about 44% of dental injuries.

  • Football, boxing, basketball, netball, cricket, hockey and soccer, accounting for up to 14% of dental injuries.

Only 36% of Australian players wear a mouthguard when playing competitive sport, and even less wear one during training sessions. Any sport where contact with equipment, collision with other players or falling is possible carries a high risk of dental injury. Custom-fitted mouthguards made by a dental professional provide the best protection because of their close fit, their cushioning effect to minimise the risk of injury to teeth, gums and jaw, and their comfort and long-lasting durability.
As part of the eviDent Foundation’s commitment to reduce unnecessary hospitalisation due to dental trauma, Mouthguard March encourages people of all ages to wear a correctly fitted mouthguard when playing sport. Are you having a conversation with your patients about the importance of a custom fitted mouthguard? Your practice could benefit from an increase in business - if you get on board!

How can your practice help?

  • Join our campaign by partnering with us to be a Mouthguard March practice

  • Pledge to donate $10 per mouthguard fitted by your practice in March, to the eviDent Foundation (Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible).

How will your practice benefit?

  • We promote your practice on the eviDent Foundation website and via social media, as well as to sporting clubs affiliated with the campaign

  • We provide posters and flyers for display in your practice, featuring our sporting ambassadors

  • Increased custom fitted mouthguards means more business for your practice.

It’s not too late for your practice to be Fit to be Fearless – register here.

Useful resources

  • Hygiene and mouthguard use fact sheet so that your patients can play it safe! Download any time here.

  • Guidelines for the Fabrication, Use and Maintenance of Sports Mouthguards. Available via the ‘member only’ section here.