Christmas Appeal

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Research from Gumtree has revealed that more than half the country (53 per cent) received at least one unwanted Christmas gift. This means a total of 18.7 million unwanted gifts were received across Australia.

The research also revealed one in five Australians admitted they had an argument due to giving or receiving an unwanted gift.

Furthermore, one third of Australians say that Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year, with wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, leftover food, and unwanted presents often going into landfill.

By gifting a donation to the eviDent Foundation, you are choosing something that won’t go to waste, as 100% of your tax-deductible donation supports eviDent’s work.

Share your passion for improving Australia’s dental and oral health, and we’ll send you a personalised eCard to share with your colleagues.

Choose one of the following cards: 

1. This year we've chosen a gift we know you will appreciate


A gift you will appreciate

2. Have a sparkling holiday!


 Have a sparkling holiday

3. Ohhh Dentis-Tree


Ohhh Dentis Tree 1

4. Have yourself a sparkly little Christmas


Have a sparkly little Christmas

5. Tis the season for happy smiles!


Tis the Season

 6. Season's Greetings


eviDent Christmas eCard web 1

7. Oh deer, what a year!


eviDent Christmas eCard web 2


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